The Center for Lymphatic Health is dedicated to promoting health and well-being with lymphatic therapy, educational seminars and products.

We are a specialized health care provider that helps individuals with chronic health problems release and maintain the flow of their lymph fluids. Unlike most other lymphatic therapists, the Center’s therapists use the innovative Lymphstar Pro Fusion instrument and techniques developed by the Center’s Director, Allen Mills, to accomplish in a one-hour session results that would usually require 4 – 5 hours of traditional manual techniques.

Our Story

It was 1994. I was sitting in the Doctor's office, with a thin gown covering my shivering body. I was cold and scared, waiting for the doctor to enter the exam room. One week before, I had my.....

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New Classes

Waterfall Earn your Lymphatic Therapy Certificate after successful completion of both Introduction to Lymphatics and Hands-On Lymphatic Therapy.

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Individual Therapy

There are many interlinked conditions that contribute to sluggish lymphatic flow that are improved during a Lymphatic Therapy session. The Lymphatic System is the beginning and end of all disease. Once the Lymphatic System is flowing freely, it enhances recovery from any illness or.....

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Lymphstar Pro Fusion

Lymphstar Pro Fusion is a therapeutic, vibrational, massage instrument with a unique combination of energetic modalities. Modalities include physical vibration with sonic, or acoustic waves, an electro-static field and electro-pressure created by the use of multiple treatment points. All of.....

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