About the Center

The Center for Lymphatic Health is located in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara in the heart of the cultural district. Founded in 1995, the Center has been enhancing the health and beauty of clients with a unique combination of gentle manual lymphatic drainage techniques aided by a special instrument, called the LymphStar Pro. This gentle, non-invasive procedure is faster than manual techniques used alone and allows the therapist to accomplish in a one-hour therapy session what would take 4-5 hours manually.

For the individual, the Center offers consultation and therapy sessions. Therapy sessions are available in 60 or 90 minute intervals. Your Lymphatic Therapist will help you design a series of sessions to address your individual needs.

A range of classes are offered, from introductory to advanced, for health professionals and individuals who want to increase their knowledge about the Lymphatic System and Lymphatic Therapy methodologies.

Please tour our web site to learn more about our staff, services and lymphatic health products.


"The numbness and tingling I was experiencing in my hand and down my arm disappeared after just a few lymphatic therapy sessions and has not returned."
 - B. M., Ventura, CA