Guide To Detoxing

DetoxIn her newly published book, Dare to Detoxify!, author Julia Loggins makes the point that, compared to our ancient ancestors, modern man is ill-equipped to adapt to the onslaught of toxins that invade our body. They come from the air we breathe, the beverages we drink, the medicines we take, and the food we eat.

Furthermore, we have created a situation where, with few exceptions, we are in a constant state of trying to cleanse an ever increasing variety and quantity of toxins from our body. While it is true that we have physical and biological mechanisms to deal with toxin build-up, Julia provides a road map for reclaiming our health and energy when our body is not doing a good job healing itself.

Julia’s book is a prescription for good health and well-being. She provides timely information based on personal experience, expertise gained through her clinical practice and by sharing the tools and techniques of health experts. The Center for Lymphatic Health founders, Allen and Anita Mills, are quoted frequently in the book beginning in chapter three.

Much of the book is aimed at avoiding toxicity issues by controlling what enters our body and environment. This includes detailed suggestions for food choices, food combinations and a 21-day regime to detox the body. Julia also outlines the detox benefits of therapy to improve lymphatic drainage and colon hydrotherapy as a direct intervention for the elimination of toxin build-up.

Our mission at the Center for Lymphatic Health is to promote health and well-being. Julia Loggins’ book supports our goal of helping people to restore their health and vitality. We agree with Julia when she says there is no ONE WAY to detox. It is different for everyone. We think you will find her book to be a quick and easy read packed full of helpful information on the why and how of detoxing.  We particularly like that she shows step-by-step how to improve your health by adopting the principles outlined in her book: Dare to Detoxify! We highly recommend this book.

Julia Loggins’ book is available at local bookstores and online at


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