Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic or “Lymph” System is commonly known as “the garbage disposal system” of the body. It is often referred to as the “second circulatory system” and flows throughout the entire body. The Lymphatic System is
a complex network of lymphoid organs, lymph nodes, lymph ducts, lymphatic tissues, lymph capillaries and lymph vessels that produce and transport lymph fluid from tissues to the circulatory system. The Lymphatic System is a major part of the immune system. It is through the Lymphatic System that toxic substances move out of the body through the bloodstream.

Why is it important for your health to maintain your Lymphatic System?

When your Lymphatic System is blocked or clogged, this creates a condition of stagnation which promotes fatigue and ill health. Some of the common symptoms include lumps, bumps, pain and swelling.

How does the Lymphatic System become clogged or blocked?

Unlike the blood circulatory system, the Lymphatic System has no pump to keep fluid flowing. Some causes of a blocked lymph system are due in part to stress, lack of exercise, improper diet and repressed communication.

What are lymph nodes?

All the small and medium-sized lymph vessels open into lymph nodes which are situated in strategic positions throughout the body. The lymph drains through a number of nodes, usually 8 to 10, before returning to the blood. These nodes vary considerably in size: some as small as a pin head and the largest are about the size of an almond.

Lymph nodes are found throughout the body. The picture shows the positioning of some of the major groups of lymph nodes:

[1] Mastoid and Sub occipital nodes of the head
[2] Cervical lymph nodes of the neck
[3] Axillary lymph nodes under the arms
[4] Inguinal lymph nodes of the groin area
[5] Popliteal nodes behind the knee

An enlargement of these nodes is common in inflammation and malignant disease. As a result, palpation (feeling) of the neck, armpits and the groin area is an important part of clinical investigation. Lymph from the head and neck passes through deep and superficial cervical nodes.

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