Price List

Effective 01.01.2016

Individual Therapy Session

$45 Thirty Minutes (child)
$55 Thirty Minutes (adult)
$115 Sixty Minutes
$145 Ninety Minutes

Therapy Plans

We have found that several, consistent sessions (once or twice week) over a relatively short period, produce the best results. Therefore, to achieve lasting results, we offer the following therapy plans:

$576 Six Session Series – Sixty minutes each
$726 Six Session Series – Ninety minutes each


Following your initial series we recommend a follow-up program for maintenance and prevention. Sessions paid in advance and not used in the initial series may be applied to follow-up programs.


Many of our clients have allergies so please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne to your session whenever possible.  Also, please refrain from putting on oils or lotions before your session as it makes it hard to move the Lymphstar over the skin.


A 24-hour notification is required for cancellation or rescheduling appointments to avoid automatic billing.


Call us at 805-962-1882 during business hours PST.


See our class schedule for more information.


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"I've been working with Allen Mills and his Lymphatic Therapy for the past few months and am experiencing a noticable difference in my general energy level. Most importantly, the painful lumps in my breast have diminished considerably and with regular Lymphatic drainage sessions my ability to have more freedom is evident - Dancing, running even strong hugging used to be out of the question, my breasts were so sore. I am grateful that this type of therapy is available and a person as sensitive and caring as Allen is here to provide them."
 - V. L., Santa Barbara, CA