Lymphstar Essence

lymphstar essenceThe Lymphstar Essence™ model was created at a popular price for home users, all types of therapists, and estheticians. It uses the same proven Lymphstar Pro® technology with the same full intensity (power). New features include a new jack system for the heads (shock-proof); an all new instrument design housed in a compact, portable unit. And it offers a 3 frequency rate control switch that adjusts the pulsation rate from decongestive to stimulation. It measures only 11″ x 9″ deep x 5″ high, plus the padded carry bag for the therapy heads and power supply for transportation.

The product kit includes: The Lymphstar Essence base, 2 standard therapy applicator heads, international voltage power supply, soft carry bag, a contour body brush for self-care, 2 instructional DVDs and a user’s manual.

  • Improved immune function through enhanced toxin release. (general detoxification)
  • Relaxation and balanced energy for release of stress. (parasympathetic effect)
  • Decongestion for Women’s and Men’s issues. (release of blocks from hormone imbalances)
  • Improved chronic and acute injury, joint, and muscle pain management. (helps with inflammation)
  • The most advanced form of skincare offering beauty from the inside. (helps the body make healthy collagen)
  • Enhances benefits of all skincare procedures and topical treatments. (opens the skin & improves drainage)

For more information about the Lymphstar go to How It Works

June 2018


"Since my first therapy session with the Lymphstar, I have been free of the cystic breast pain that had plagued me for years. My hope is that news of this program will spread and others too will be spared unnecessary surgery."
 - E. W., Santa Monica, CA