Lymphstar Essence

lymphstar essenceThe Lymphstar Essence™ model was created at a popular price for home users, all types of therapists, and estheticians. It uses the same proven Lymphstar Pro® technology with the same full intensity (power). New features include a new jack system for the heads (shock-proof); an all new instrument design housed in a compact, portable unit. And it offers a 3 frequency rate control switch that adjusts the pulsation rate from decongestive to stimulation. It measures only 11″ x 9″ deep x 5″ high, plus the padded carry bag for the therapy heads and power supply for transportation.

The product kit includes: The Lymphstar Essence base, 2 standard therapy applicator heads, international voltage power supply, soft carry bag, a contour body brush for self-care, 2 instructional DVDs and a user’s manual.

  • Improved immune function through enhanced toxin release. (general detoxification)
  • Relaxation and balanced energy for release of stress. (parasympathetic effect)
  • Decongestion for Women’s and Men’s issues. (release of blocks from hormone imbalances)
  • Improved chronic and acute injury, joint, and muscle pain management. (helps with inflammation)
  • The most advanced form of skincare offering beauty from the inside. (helps the body make healthy collagen)
  • Enhances benefits of all skincare procedures and topical treatments. (opens the skin & improves drainage)

For more information about the Lymphstar go to How It Works

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