Lymphstar Pro Fusion

Lymphstar Pro Fusion is a therapeutic, vibrational, massage instrument with a unique combination of energetic modalities. Modalities include physical vibration with sonic, or acoustic waves, an electro-static field and electro-pressure created by the use of multiple treatment points. All of these emissions are extremely low in energy so they are gentle and safe.

A Multi-Headed Instrument

The Lymphstar Pro Fusion® is offered with six therapy heads for single or combination use. Up to four heads may be used at one time for maximum efficiency.

PHIT® (Photo Harmonic Induction Therapy)

The therapeutic modalities offered span the spectrum of beneficial, safe, time-tested photonic & vibrational therapies for holistic health & skincare professionals.

Instrument Controls

The The Lymphstar Pro Fusion has 2 modality control areas. Each modality may be operated separately or together, and there are 2 jack ports for each area.

Left Side: The Lymphstar Pro II® modality supports dual jacks for therapy with one or two heads.

Right Side: The Fusion PHIT modality has 2 ports that support the Crystal LymphWave  modality and all Fusion PHIT heads.

Additional Features

Using the Lymphstar Pro as the baseline, the following upgrades distinguish the The Lymphstar Pro II modality from the popular Lymphstar Pro®

  • More intense plasma energy field
  • Ultra-Blue noble gas formula with finest grade of noble gases
  • An all new feature, a pulse-rate frequency sweep dial that allows you to set frequency variability at specific numbers (0-10); or set infinite variables between 0-10 on a dial; or to manually regulate a sweep through the frequency spectrum, at your chosen pace.
  • Includes 2 large Lymphstar Pro noble gas heads
  • Other head options are available: Small Lymphstar Head for estheticians and an Extra-Large Head may be purchased separately
  • All units have international power supplies for worldwide use

The Method of Use: Modalities

The Fusion PHIT Modalities – Two Fusion PHIT head ports (coupling jacks) support the head options. Tailor the system to your therapeutic needs; use 1 or 2 Fusion PHIT heads at a time and mix or match the modalities. All heads are frequency adjustable with either on-panel controls, or on-board variability controls. The full line of Fusion PHIT modality heads include…

1) Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Head–Anti-Aging (skin) and all-purpose energy balancing modality. 24 red LEDs, 6 near-infrareds, and 6 blue LEDs, all noted for healthful benefits. Price: $750 + S&H

2) Infrared Radiance Energizer Head– for nutritional transdermal creams and general discomfort issues. Price: $750 + S&H

3) Radiance Facial Contour Head– All blue or all red, maximum intensity LEDs plus firming bio-stimulation. Traditionally, blue is considered anti-inflammatory (i.e. acne) and red is considered collagen enhancing. Price: $750 + S&H

4) ArcStar Magnetic Head– Many energy balancing benefits (particularly for muscles & bones) are historically credited to magnetism. On-board controls vary frequency pulses. Price: $750 + S&H

5) SkinClear SunRay Therapy Head–For professional skin care requiring sun ray therapy along with near-infrared for a broad spectrum of light, in a highly convenient form. Price: $750 + S&H

6) The Crystal LymphWaves–Hi-Intensity Laser Therapy Head – This therapy head includes coherent and non-coherent diodes in 4 light wavelengths, and our proprietary PHIT photo-harmonic frequency emissions, modulated with a lens, onboard frequency controls with up to 1,000 variable frequency settings. The purpose of this sophisticated therapy head is to create a rich language of vibrational energies for cell signaling beyond conventional biostimulation. It utilizes gentle vibrational energies with maximum communication potential! Price: $2,750 + S&H

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