Vibrational Pollution and Your Health

peacemakerWith all of the health hazards we are made aware of today, do we also need to fear that all of our electronic equipment and power lines are unhealthy? We even receive pamphlets from Southern California Edison about EMF’s (electric and magnetic fields) which are found wherever you have electric power. These pamphlets give information on how to reduce EMF exposure by limiting the time you spend using personal appliances and increasing your distance from televisions, computer monitors and microwave ovens.

Vibrational fields, or EMFs, are generated from computers, appliances, all vehicles, machinery and power lines. Each source of EMFs gives off a different frequency (rate of pulses in the current) and strength of its electrical and magnetic field. These can all be measured. Some frequencies are suspected to be unhealthy. Also, health effects are suspected to be influenced by the strength of the magnetic field and how long one is in it. Also, many of these low frequencies fall within the same range as our brain waves. The result is a chaotic mixture of signals as we move through our day. Health concerns garnered from scientific studies range from cancer clusters in neighborhoods with hi-voltage power lines, allergies, mood disorders, to fatigue and stress from use of computers or any electrical tool or machine.

The Peacemaker’s current affects a large-area (50 foot in diameter) which works off of household current. It creates harmonics of sound (changing overtones and undertones) that interact with living beings. These harmonics are generated by the physical vibration of two very thinly sliced quartz crystals. The crystals program two unique oscillator circuits which then transmit these harmonics via four custom formed copper antennae. The harmonics flood you with a rich field of sound (inaudible to the ear). These harmonics create a consistent alignment or entropy lowering the chaos. The effect is like “squashing the chaos.” Lowering entropy or chaos gives us a greater sense of ease and lowers the possible effects of unhealthy EMF’s.

Many people sense the healthy energy immediately, feeling more relaxed and in control. Others can agree that within a few weeks they notice some positive benefits such as better sleep, more energy, clearer mental activity, a greater feeling of being grounded and balanced, or even various aches and pains are eliminated. Everyone benefits from the effect of lower chaos and more harmony within and around them. Your cells and lymphatic system will know the difference!

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