Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging ThermographyAt the Center for Lymphatic Health we are often asked about the use of medical imaging technologies in the context of providing lymphatic therapy. More specifically the discussion revolves around issues related to breast health and the use of mammography, ultrasound, MRI, and thermography (digital infrared imaging). Women with inflammation or congestion of lymph nodes or inflammation of soft tissue areas may be asked by their doctor to get some form of medical imaging or they may be interested in having more information for personal peace of mind.

In many situations breast health issues exist before they are large enough to be detected by physical examination or during lymphatic therapy. For this reason we often recommend using medical imaging as a way of getting a second opinion and as a way to increase our awareness of areas that require further attention or closer scrutiny during initial or subsequent lymphatic therapy sessions.

We have found thermography to be a low cost, noninvasive tool that provides informative reports that are helpful for lymphatic therapy sessions and for post therapy follow-up scans. The reports provided by Thermography Center in Santa Barbara help both our clients and our therapists to gain insight into breast health issues.

What is Thermography?

Breast ThermographyThe use of thermography is based on the belief that metabolic activity in inflamed or congested of lymph nodes or soft tissue areas is almost always higher than in normal tissue. Inflammation, congestion and minute variations in normal blood vessel activity frequently results in an increase in surface temperatures of the breast and other areas typically treated by lymphatic therapy. Thermography uses ultra-sensitive medical infrared cameras and advanced computer technology to detect, analyze, and produce detailed images of these temperature differences. Because of thermography’s extreme sensitivity, these temperature differences may be among the earliest signs of breast health issues.

To help distinguish healthy from an abnormal condition requires proper training, clinical experience, and precise image acquisition. When interpreted by qualified doctors, irregularities or changes in infrared scanned images provide invaluable information.

To learn more about thermography and medical imaging visit Wikipedia or contact Jackie Kane at the Thermography Center in Santa Barbara, California.

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